Swapping pastures

Our 30 year old gelding Buck, and our six year old girl Little T. Big C is leading an old show mare. We were swapping pastures with the cows.

To the way left is the house….and the barns below it.

The cows on their way to their new pasture :). Happily following the mule full of hay.

Happy Sunday :). H

Interior inspiration.

Here are a few photos that inspire me. My style is hard to define. I like industrial vintage, and I am drawn to the clean lines of french nordic. I think I just really like white. In most forms. Even ruffles I like if they are white.


These two photos are from a home featured in romantic homes magazine. I love anything feed/grain sack and I like how they just nailed the curtain up. In another photo of this house she has a thin stick that holds a sheer curtain up. Curtains are not a must have in most of the house because no one can see into the house without being on our property. But I will have some for sure in all the bedrooms.

The beam bench is beautiful. I am thinking we will have some extra beams so I can make one of these.

I want something like this in my laundry room. It has character.

I love this whole home. (Photo country living magazine.) After seeing this I actually bought ten chicken feeders on ebay that I am planning on making into lights. I am not sure where they will go yet. Mine are more a galvanized /rust color. But I could easily paint them. I like the mix of wood and white, with some black thrown in.

Photo via Pinterest. Love the feel of this room.

Photo from My scandinavian home. We have leather furniture right now that is going to go into the house. It is so practical with kids and animals. I like it here with all the white. And the hanging light in the room. Would look neat on either side of a bed.

Photo via Pinterest. The rough linen and the fairy lights. So fun for a kids room. (Although my kids rooms are sounding like they are going to be colorful). 😊

I have a pretty big blank slate right now which is exciting but a bit scary. I am hoping the ideas in my head translate well to the house.

Barn door

Well the front is all sided. And the barn door put up. It’s just an architectural detail. (Non-opening). My hubs tried to talk me out of them. He thought it would look cleaner. I left the cupola out but I wanted to see what the doors looked like. If we didn’t like them we could easily remove them.

And I really love them. And so does Hubs 😉. I think it really gives it more of that barn/farmhouse look. I am thinking I will paint the doors a varying shade of white. Just so they stand out a bit?? Nothing drastic. Any thoughts? Not totally sure yet.

The front is fully sided. Just waiting on paint! (But roofing goes up first).
The rock layers are almost done bricking the fireplace. The rock was delivered today. So they will start to rock tomorrow, maybe……hopefully?

Thanks for reading. Happy Monday

Front door

This week they have been working on the windows and siding. And Thursday the front door went in.

All the windows and doors are white. Except the front door is black and the window above it is black. (The brilliant idea of our window guy) I looked and looked for a front door and decided I wanted one with windows so I went with the same company as our windows so they all match. They are Marvin doors and windows . And worth every dollar if you ask me. The door is very simple. I love that.

From the inside. (I am thinking about painting the inside of the door black too.). Not sure yet tho???

The entry all sided….the two white pieces of trim at the bottom of the door are the two different colors of white paint we are thinking of. One is called Gypsum and one is commercial white. The gypsum is the longer piece and it is what we are leaning towards. Its a bit of a warmer white.

And now I am going to brag on my husband. He welded these square tube posts to go on the porch. They are going to be covered up by rock. But he did a beautiful job of welding them. When the framers put them up they fit perfectly. One was one sixteenth of an inch off which is about the thickness of a dollar bill. So he did good. I know I was proud of him.

His pretty weld….I had to put it on here because like I said it’s going to be rocked over.

I will post some more window pictures soon. There are 45 windows and six double doors and one single door. So it’s been a long week getting them in. There are eight more windows to go and six doors. It should really be looking like a finished house (from the outside) next week.

Happy weekend