Moving along

Our drywall guys finished all the texture yesterday. Another step complete….

I am not a fan of texture….I like flat walls….but with four kids, and living on a farm and loving white….the texture is the smart move 🙂

Big T in the loft.

One last photo of the stilt walkers.
This was before primer and texture.

So next step is going to be ceiling material….and the decorative beams and rafter beams. Happy happy to be moving along.

The kids and I are going to pick out paint color for the their rooms this week. We are going to have our painter paint the great room. But we will be painting the rest of the house. (I love to paint….I hope I still do after this).

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Drywall is going up this week. I can’t believe I have hallways and rooms.

From the living room looking towards the kitchen and up into the loft/playroom.

These guys are amazing on stilts. He is on two boards over the stairs. And so……little C is now asking us for stilts for his next birthday :).

Looking out from the loft, the stairwell is in the left corner.

Today was a half day for the three big kids in school. We stopped by the house on the way home and the kids started playing ‘hide and go seek’. Cole and I were visiting with Jonathan the head drywall guy. They run a family business with Jonathan and his Brother and his Nephew Andrew and his Father Omar. (I can’t remember his brothers name 😞)

All of a sudden a man goes running through the great room. Jonathan says “was that my brother?” Now there is often running bodies at the house but they are usually our kids, not grown men. But we both looked and said “yep that was your brother”. Then went back to talking. About 20 seconds later we hear “ready or not here we come”. And all four of our kids came running into the great room on the hunt to find Jonathan’s brother. It was so sweet and so funny. And honestly how so much of this project has gone. Our subs have been so amazing.

My kids have had such a great experience meeting these hard working tradesmen. And slowly watching our home materialize. The dry wall has been such a huge change. Being able to walk down the hallways and into all the rooms. It’s been really fun for all of us.

The girls checking out their rooms, after the first day of drywall.

Little C-man helping step on the tool that lifts up the bottom of the drywall.

Staying out of the way watching the (unseen) man working 🙂

And following Dad, carrying wood, always ready to help.

They started taping the drywall today. I think by Tuesday it will be time to start texturing the walls. They are going to make a few samples for me. Big decision!!! 😳.

Sorry for the crazy long post. And million pics of little man.

Thanks for following along our crazy journey.

Quick peek Insulation

Insulation has being blown in this last week and a half. They should be finished tomorrow.

It feels pretty quiet in there with everything covered over.

The ceiling and the walls are a closed cell foam. Three inches on the roof deck and two inches on the walls. And the ceiling between the first and second floor section is an open cell soft foam. (for floor sound proofing from upstairs).

It’s starting to feel like a house. The drywall is going to be delivered Friday. So they will be starting drywall Monday. Woohoo! I might just be doing the happy dance. 🙂