Ceiling material


The two little kids and my husband and I moved about a quarter of the old wood material that we will be using for our ceiling. It was hot, 100 degrees, and we were all sweating. But it really was a nice feeling working with that old barn wood. Knowing I will be looking at it for so many years to come. The two kiddos were working as hard as they could. It was pretty sweet. They too are looking forward to more space.



The wood was sent through a planer once. I wanted to keep as much white as possible. I think it will really work against those wood beams.

I am looking forward to the start of this project. :).



The kids start school in nine days,  it will be here so soon and this summer will be a memory.

In the last couple of years I have gotten used to the kids being at school, and being able to run errands with just the wee man.  Or the wee two anyway.   Today I had a bunch of running around to do and Dad had tractor work, so no one could stay home with him.  And this stuff needed to get done.  We had nine stops to make.  I usually take snacks, my stroller, blankets, extra clothes, to just name a few.  But today we got to every store and drop off and look at and pick up, that we needed to without a hitch. (what is a look at?  its a look at some flooring samples and let me know what you think.) I didn’t bring a DVD so they couldn’t watch movies (that is another post).  We listened to the radio and we visited.  It was such a nice day.  Days like today just hit me.  My kids are getting big.  They are really at the perfect age.  They think Dad and I are cool, they don’t drive, and they don’t wear diapers.  Really what else can you ask for?