We met with the rock guy this week. To talk about the fireplace. The firebox is going to be 42 inches deep by 60 inches wide. So the fireplace hearth itself will be eight feet eight inches across. And 28 feet tall. It was a bit of a shocker to look up and realize it was going that high.

I was a bit worried about the fireplace. I love stone, but I wanted to find something that fit my vision of this house. I came across this picture in Country Living magazine and my worry was gone. I didn’t know what it was called. Now I know….it’s dry stacked rock. I love how it has an old look to it. Our rock that we have picked out has a bit more brown in it. The all gray and charcoal color was much more expensive, and I thought the bit of brown would go well with the beams. We have a beam very much like the one in the photo to use as a mantle. I really like the arch below the mantle, ours calls for no arch…..I am pretty linear, so is our Architect. But that arch is pretty and might be an interesting change to all the straightness???? The farmhouse I grew up in has beautiful arched entryways made out of reclaimed brick….it is stunning. I still remember sitting and watching our family friend build them. ( I was probably 8, and it was so interesting to watch) Hmmmmm, I am going to have to revisit this arch thing. 🙂

We were going to have the same rock under the two wood stoves we are going to have. ( one across from the kitchen, and in the screened in porch. ) But being in the house now I think I have decided we are just going to put them on the concrete. I think it will be a cleaner look. And I was planning on storing/displaying my cast iron and enameled cook wear by the wood stove in the kitchen area. I love using cast iron and I love the look of it. My hubs has dutchovens for cooking on an open fire and I will bring those in and have them there too I think? This is still not for sure. Just a feeling that the rock on the fireplace will be enough.

H 🙂

Trusses 2

All five trusses are up. The morning after the first three were up we got to the house and the framers were jacking up the beams. Yikes! What’s wrong? Well the beams had pushed the outside wall 5/8th of an inch. (Around 2 or 2 1/2cm). It took about an hour and they got the wall back level and extra support in place.

First off I can not explain how great our framers are. They are constantly measuring to make sure everything is square and plum. They were concerned about this very thing happening because until all the walls were up that long wall had no support, even tho it is made out of 2×6 boards. Those trusses weigh at least one thousand pounds each. So they put temporary boards up under the trusses until all the walls and roof are made. Then everything is tied in together and supported. Such important attention to detail!

Can you see a puppy in this photo? 🙂


This has the space for the fireplace.


The framers got these walls up so fast. (It’s amazing to watch). And it’s four guys doing all the work.

Next week they will start on the roof. It will be neat to see how the dormers look. It’s all so much taller looking than I could ever have imagined. That room is 29 feet wide by 50 feet long and 28 feet tall. It will be the kitchen, dining room in the middle, then living room on the side with the fireplace. It’s a huge room. But it has lots of jobs :).

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. H


The framers got three of the trusses up today. We were not sure how they were going to look when they were up. We could not be happier.

It was such an exciting day.




I think this is my favorite shot today.


We went over tonight after the framers (Artists with old beams, I will call them) were gone.

My husband and I looked up into these beautiful old beam trusses and he said “I can’t believe this is our home”. Which was exactly what I was thinking.
We don’t want a show home….we want a home to raise our wild little brood. We wanted character and warmth. These old beams, they have so much character and warmth……they are amazing.

We are a little in awe.


The first truss

We were a bit frustrated last week when we set all the beams out and realized that we didn’t have the sizes that we were supposed to. And that two of the beams are not structurally sound.

We actually paid for a second engineer to look at the beams in Pennsylvania , and make sure they would be structurally sound before they were shipped here. A bit frustrating, but part of the learning process.

So our bottom beams were supposed to be 8 by 12. They are 8×8….hmmmmm. The man we bought them from is not going to honor his list so we are just going to go with what we have. We might have to buy one or two more beams. (Not from the same guy). They are 20 feet in the air so they will look smaller than I had imagined, but it is still beautiful, amazing wood so crossing my fingers I will love it. With the white wood as ceiling material I think it should still be great.


This is standing on the second floor looking down. (The saw horses worked perfectly). :).
Hopefully tonight I will have a photo of it up.

The artistic part is beginning in this adventure.


Saw horses

The framers are going to start making the beam trusses this week. So they made 10 new saw horses to build them on. I had to take a picture… made me smile to see them. They reminded me of my Dad, always working on something, with a trusty saw horse close by. 🙂

Lots going on at the house. I will post photos of the framed Master bedroom. I am loving all the windows.

Happy busy days 🙂 H

Meet Maggie

Maggie was big C’s. Christmas present. She is a very smart pup, we are all enjoying her.

Little T was watching her for Big C. She is now putting the word in that she needs a pup. (We have four dogs). We might be in trouble. :).

And our crazy weather continues…..winter coats and toques yesterday. Shorts today. But it’s supposed to drop back down tomorrow. The warm day was lovely tho. Two friends sleeping over tonight….so it’s six kids four dogs and two adults in this wee house. The cats get the barn tonight. I can handle only so much craziness.

Happy January. :). H