Paint 2

I am sorry I have not blogged in forever 😁.  It’s been a busy couple of months.    Spring sports started and another broken arm 😩😩😩.   This time Big T.   She fell at school.  Thankfully tho it wasn’t a bad break.  

The house is really coming along.  The paint is done and it’s amazing.  I am in love with the Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.    Little man eating breakfast in the chaos.   Jose seemingly has no fear.  He is the best painter.   I am so happy we went with the trim and walls the same color.  It’s calm and I think, a nice balance to the ceiling.  Big C wanted this Marine Blue color in his room.  I would never have picked it.  But I am so glad we let him chose.  It is a beautiful color.   I think it really works with the white walls and rafter beams on the ceiling.    This is Big T’s room.  She chose a Cotton Candy pink and I chose the classic gray to go with it.  She really wanted light green……but I think the gray will grow well with her.  We will bring some accent green in.   Pink cast on my dear girl.  Here is looking into little T’s room.  The two littles, got cloud white rooms.  We will paint furniture in fun colors for them. 

 So paint is done 😄. We got all the cabinets painted.  And the screened porch.  The exposed duct is in.  I will post on that soon.  So now I am busy getting all the lighting organized.  Before finish electrical.  

Thanks for following along, hope you week is going well.  

H 😊


21 thoughts on “Paint 2

  1. Looking great – love the paint colour as it is very calm and looks like you could match it with lots of colours.
    Big C did very well with that marine blue ☺
    I really don’t envy your painter with those heights – my legs turn to jelly on the first few steps!
    Hope the broken arm is mending well – I remember my daughter doing the same thing around that age.
    Your place really is beautiful ☺

    • Thank you Deb. It is a very calm colour, I find it restful. The marine blue ended up perfect…..he really kept at us, until we relented to one wall. He wanted all four walls and the ceiling. Ha! No…but I love the one wall. The beams were a surprise for him. So that was fun.

      Yes uggg to broken arms. Thankful this one is not like little C’s last year. 😊.

  2. The white is exactly what I imagined. You seem to be so close to being finished, what’s left on the to-do list?

  3. We are getting there…..just counter tops, tile, upstairs floor, finish electrical and finish plumbing. We are diy’I got all but the electrical and plumbing. 😖😑. It will save money and we have learned so much we kinda feel like we can do it. Not sure if I will feel that way as we are doing it. 😉.

  4. Welcome back! I know you’ve been keeping up to date on Insta, but it’s nice to tie it altogether here. You’ve achieved a lot. I understand why blogging takes a back seat. The paint looks great, it’s a huge job. I really like the cotton candy pink too. It seems to have a bit of depth to it.

  5. Things are looking great! I’ve been away too long as well! I love the marine blue, great color 🙂 Very interesting you did the trim and walls the same color – very neat – and there’s no need to take away from those absolutely amazing ceilings!!!

    • Hi Jennifer, I have neglected my blog. All is well….. We are actually not back in the house yet 😳. Finishing it up by ourselves is not going very speedily. But we are slowly working away at it. Can’t wait to catch up on your blog. ❤️❤️

  6. Looks great – especially love the high ceilings and exposed beams. I’m also building at the moment but not as far ahead as you… Painting should start next week. So glad I found your blog through Johanne’s ‘House by the water’ blog 🙂

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