Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog.  I am Holly,  I am a wife and mother of four.  I love the outdoors, and love my country life.  We have horses and cows and dogs and cats.  I started this blog to practice my writing and get in on the conversation of living.  I live a blessed life and feel like I need to appreciate it more.  I want to simplify my days, but put more fun into them.  I know one day our wee people will be grown and I want them to remember a person who lived intentionally.


11 thoughts on “About

    • I don’t have the drawings on the blog yet. I was planning on putting some on in the new year.

      The picture of my kids was taken by a friend of mine. It’s one of my favorites. Thanks for reading.

  1. You four ones look so adorable, Holly! Thanks for visiting and following The World according to Dina! It’s highly appreciated!
    Warm Greetings from the North

    • Oh thank you so so much Marie…..I am overwhelmed by how kind everyone is on IG and here in blogland 😊😊. Thank you so much for following along. I look forward to getting to know you. Ok that sounds weird!!! Haha! But I have so enjoyed meeting people that are into family and home. 💗

  2. Holly, your blog and Instagram are awesome! We love looking at your life in Texas and the creation of your home! My name is Chris and I work for Vintage Porch Swings out of Charleston, South Carolina. We make handmade bed swings that are great for homes like yours. Whether you put it on your porch, in all your kids’ rooms, or in the yard, we stand by our product and say that your family would thoroughly enjoy our swings. Let me know if you would ever be interested!!! Below is my personal cell number so you can talk direct with someone and our website is there to help you find something you might like! Have a blessed day, Holly!

    Chris Little

  3. So glad I found your blog via IG and I do hope you keep going. We share many things in common, big families for one! We have five children, 9 to 19, although our eldest is away at College. I grew up on a farm and riding. We now live in France and although we don’t have horses at the moment we have just about finished renovating an old farmhouse and are surrounded by dogs, cats and chickens! I so agree with wanting to give our children the best outdoor, carefree lifestyle possible.

  4. I hope your house is finished and you and your family are loving life there. Really bummed you are not blogging any more. I’d love to see it finished. Perhaps you have moved the blog?

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