Well, we have been at a stand still all week.  Freezing temps….and snow ❄️ Here are a few snowy photos.  Hope you enjoy.  

Crossing my fingers that on Monday the painters will be back.   It is supposed to warm up.  

Snowman selfie ⛄️

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend.  

Holly 😄❄️


20 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Your house looks completely at home! So beautiful in the snow. And I don’t think I realised just how big the whole house is until that last house photo. I love the snowman selfie.

  2. Thanks Jo, the big kids selfie cracked me up. I think it has been awhile since I had posted a picture from that angle, it does look big in that picture.

    I hope it looks at home. I really wanted it to look like it has been here. Not just a new home plopped onto the hill. This being our first time building I never imagined it would look this big. The drawings didn’t look so big. But it will be a lovely change having space. I will just have to get a bit more diligent in my housekeeping. 😳.

    We don’t really have a landscape budget at the moment, but I think with Landscaping it will look even more at home.

  3. It snows in Texas?! Shows how much I know. Your house looks wonderful in the snowy setting, just like it belongs there. 🙂

    • Thanks Trixee. Yes we usually get one or two little snow storms each winter. I am in the northern part of Texas. The South doesn’t get snow usually. We get more ice than snow usually. But we did get some snow. It’s melting now. Should warm up this next week.

    • Ohhhh 40 sounds good right now. Actually my Canadian soul loves the smell and peacefulness of snow. But only for a few days. Haha!! And preferably at Christmas time. Now I am ready for warmer days. 😊

  4. Whenever I’m feeling super down about the standstill of our nonexistent/much needed remodel I head over to your Instagram or Blog and instantly become so inspired and uplifted. Love the progress being made, and totally envious of your soon to be functioning air conditioning!! Happy Easter, much love. -Chloe

    • Oh Chloe don’t get down. This house has been many years in the making….we had the driveway for two years before we even talked to our Architect. I used to drive by everyday and look at my imaginary house. 😉.

      But we are finally getting close :).

      What kind of remodeling are you doing/planning on your house?

      Thank you for the kind words and for following along. Happy Happy Easter to you too. 🐰💕🐰

  5. It looks beautiful – still can’t get over how big it is – and the old wood (oak?) banister is a work of genius – really transforms the house – I can imagine myself there in old age (still) admiring them! Greatt job!

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