Barn door

Well the front is all sided. And the barn door put up. It’s just an architectural detail. (Non-opening). My hubs tried to talk me out of them. He thought it would look cleaner. I left the cupola out but I wanted to see what the doors looked like. If we didn’t like them we could easily remove them.

And I really love them. And so does Hubs 😉. I think it really gives it more of that barn/farmhouse look. I am thinking I will paint the doors a varying shade of white. Just so they stand out a bit?? Nothing drastic. Any thoughts? Not totally sure yet.

The front is fully sided. Just waiting on paint! (But roofing goes up first).
The rock layers are almost done bricking the fireplace. The rock was delivered today. So they will start to rock tomorrow, maybe……hopefully?

Thanks for reading. Happy Monday


7 thoughts on “Barn door

  1. I’m a bit confused. Where are the barn doors in relation to the front door? I thought the front door was under the porch covering?

    • They are the little door above the three windows (up high). On the left side of the house. They don’t open. The architect put them in to give the house a barn look. But I changed the color of the house to white. So I am hoping it still works?

      The front door is under the porch covering. :).

    • Thanks, Yes they are just for looks…..we actually are going to have a sliding barn door in the laundry room. As well as possibly one in the kids playroom closet. Not sure on the second one tho.

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