Big kids

Our big kids have been gone for almost two weeks.  They went to California to visit  their Grandparents.  All four of us here have enjoyed the pictures and phone calls.  It is the first time they have ever been away from us for more than a night.  I thought I would be worried or sad, but it has been such a great experience for them and for us.

My two littles who are six and three, have had so much time with me these last two weeks.  I have really had the opportunity to ‘be’ with them.  Weather making pancakes or eating ice cream or shopping for school supplies.  I am not in such a hurry,  I want this to be the way we are.  Relaxed…..

My big kids have made memories with their cousins that they will have forever, my littles have been counting down the days until the bigs get home.  I can’t wait to have all my little people under the same roof.

I think sometimes these big changes are what we need.  To stretch ourselves, to take a moment and reevaluate what we are.  Our life looks the same so often that we miss the big picture.

I am rambling now.  But it has been a big deal, this two kids home and two kids gone.  My big kids are nine and eight.  Its not like they are on the verge of leaving.  But we are kinda half way there.  And its odd, and crazy to think soon this will be normal.

Tomorrow night they fly home…..JOY


My first blog post… I have been thinking about doing this for some time.  And today decided to jump.   We live on a horse farm, and sadly today we had to put down a very old mare.  It made me think that time is slipping by.  My kids are getting big.  Our life changes every day.  And I need to do some things on my….. well I guess my bucket list.  So today I decided to jump right into this blogging world that I enjoy following so much.  I will ramble I am sure, and I am not so computer savvy but I am going to plow through and enjoy the process.