Well life has been busy……and fun……and busy.  We are still not in the house 😳.  It’s all good, life has just gotten in the way.  

Here are just a few shots of the house.  I am going to try to get back to blogging.  I am missing y’all.  â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ 

Paint 2

I am sorry I have not blogged in forever 😁.  It’s been a busy couple of months.    Spring sports started and another broken arm 😩😩😩.   This time Big T.   She fell at school.  Thankfully tho it wasn’t a bad break.  

The house is really coming along.  The paint is done and it’s amazing.  I am in love with the Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.    Little man eating breakfast in the chaos.   Jose seemingly has no fear.  He is the best painter.   I am so happy we went with the trim and walls the same color.  It’s calm and I think, a nice balance to the ceiling.  Big C wanted this Marine Blue color in his room.  I would never have picked it.  But I am so glad we let him chose.  It is a beautiful color.   I think it really works with the white walls and rafter beams on the ceiling.    This is Big T’s room.  She chose a Cotton Candy pink and I chose the classic gray to go with it.  She really wanted light green……but I think the gray will grow well with her.  We will bring some accent green in.   Pink cast on my dear girl.  Here is looking into little T’s room.  The two littles, got cloud white rooms.  We will paint furniture in fun colors for them. 

 So paint is done 😄. We got all the cabinets painted.  And the screened porch.  The exposed duct is in.  I will post on that soon.  So now I am busy getting all the lighting organized.  Before finish electrical.  

Thanks for following along, hope you week is going well.  

H 😊


Well, we have been at a stand still all week.  Freezing temps….and snow ❄️ Here are a few snowy photos.  Hope you enjoy.  

Crossing my fingers that on Monday the painters will be back.   It is supposed to warm up.  

Snowman selfie ⛄️

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend.  

Holly 😄❄️


Paint….getting one step closer. Yay! Today is the start of the painters third week at the house. The first week was all preparation to seal the siding material on ceilings. After some research and test boards we ended up using an acrylic urethane, it left the wood looking very natural, and is low VOC. I wanted it all sealed so when (if I ever 😝) dust it the paint won’t flake. The old paint is beautiful. But I want it to stay on the old wood.

The painters got that done the beginning of last week. Then they prepped for paint on trim and baseboards. We went with an oil paint….not sure how I feel about it. Jose (the painter) said it would wash and wear better. And with four kids and white trim I was really wanting washable!!! The paint smell is so strong in the house now….with just the primer. I don’t know if I made the best decision to go with an oil base?? The wall paint is all going to be water based low VOC Benjamin Moore Aura paint.

They are using sprayers to paint so the prep is very labour intensive. Take a look.




It looks a bit like a spaceship in the house.

They primed all the trim on Friday and now are hand sanding it all before they start the first coat of paint. So I think it’s going to be another two weeks possible three to get all the painting done.

The laundry chute upstairs. All primed.

And (in other news 😉) everyone is pretty excited to have our piano here. It came from California the week before last. It’s Coles family’s piano. It’s been sitting unplayed for 20 years. It will be played often and much enjoyed in its new home. 🎶 I love the 80’s retro vibe of the piano.


So this is what the next few weeks are looking like. White paint and more white paint…..with a few surprise colors in the big kids rooms.

Thanks for reading
Hope you have a wonderful week
Holly 😊


Things are moving along at the house. This last week we got the railing over the loft and stairs done.


I wanted to keep the detail of the birdsmouth’s on the rafter beams to add some interest. And Because I think they look cool :). I had them all face into the loft so from downstairs it looks clean. But from upstairs it’s a bit ummmm…….random. 😉


Cole and Jerry (carpenter) notched the floor cap beams out so they lay over the drywall. This made it so there was no need to trim along the bottom, my idea……but a big job for them. That old wood is hard to notch out!!

The posts and bottom floor cap are bigger beams, than the railing and the railing cap. The guys drilled a hole in the bottom of the beams and places it over these pipes. They won’t move….ever. Super heavy duty.




That new wood, in the foreground of the photo with Big T looking over the stairs, is our wood floors for the upstairs. It is acclimating now. Excited to see how that is going to look. 😄

I was not sure what we were going to make this railing out of. There was a lot of time spent on pinterest. We looked into wood with pipe, iron, even old doors. But we had all this reclaimed wood left over, and it seemed silly not to use it. I am happy we did.

I was very worried that the wood was going to look too heavy. But it seems to work with the height of the loft railing from down stairs. And upstairs it makes the loft/playroom really cozy. And it gives everyone a chance to see all the detail, nail holes, saw marks, white paint and age of this pre-civil war era wood.

Andddddd…….added bonus is I can relax when the kids are upstairs. The 11 foot fall was always worrisome for me. 😁.

The base and trim are all done as well, so now on to paint.

The painters are in and busy prepping, we were going to paint ourselves but our painter talked Cole into letting him. 😋. He will do a much better job than me….

And our ever present little helper…hauling rafter railing up the stairs. 💙

Happy Saturday everyone.
Thanks for reading,
Holly 😊

Concrete floors

Ok, this last week has been a bit of a busy one. We had the downstairs floors polished. We…….well I say we…….Cole had been researching the best way to finish our floors. Stain, seal, wax or polish? Or a combination? We went with polish, it is supposed to have less upkeep and more durable? And I wanted to stay with the natural concrete color anyway. We found a very reputable guy about an hour away. He polishes floors for u-haul. Ha!!! Seriously the faces that people made when I told them our floor was going to look like Home Depot. 😳

From the loft, it’s a bit darker than this…..the dust has settled a bit.

Here is a close up, in the living room.

This is the hallway from the master.

So we love it ❤️. We even love the cracks 😊

Little C’s room.

The man who did it had never done a floor quite like this, he usually takes more off, to show a bit of the aggregate. We wanted to keep the “cream” as he called it. This way we keep a bit more color variations. And the swirls that were left when they were pouring the concrete. They went over the floors three times. With an 200 grit, then a 400, then an 800. They could have gone way shinier but this sheen is perfect for us.

I found these next two pictures on Pinterest. They look just like our floors. I am pretty sure both pictures are homes in the Netherlands.


Loving it!!!!

Our wood for the upstairs floor came last week. We are going to give it a month to acclimate. So now I have to decide how I am going to finish that. Paint or wax or stain?????? Decisions!

Happy Saturday!!!


Well I fear everyone is going to be sick of seeing my ceilings, but they are all done. Yay!!

This is the master bedroom ceiling.

The master bath ceiling (I think maybe my favorite, because it’s so close you can see the details in the old wood). The tub will be in front of the window.

2015/01/img_2142.jpgHallway looking from the master to the great room. It’s a very heavy looking ceiling….I wouldn’t have wanted it everywhere. But I like it here. This hallway will be a gallery for artwork that my Mother in law has painted.

And the loft ceiling, I really like the lightness of this ceiling, we used the smaller rafter beams. I like how it carries the wood into that room.

And a dance party, just because. 😊

Happy Tuesday ❤️