This month is just going too fast. On the 11th. We had some beautiful weather and were able to get our foundation poured. Wow it was very exciting.


The kids so enjoyed watching the boom truck and all the mixer trucks.


And here it. I loved the color when it was first poured. Its a bit lighter now. We will stain all of it, except the carport.

Things are coming along. The framers won’t be here until after Thanksgiving. So we are working on getting the waterline run from the road to the house site… Which I think is around 3000 feet. (Approximate). We are doing it ourselves to save money. Hmmmm I don’t know how much money we are saving…. But we are all working together and having fun (mostly). Some equipment malfunctions have caused a bit of stress, for my hubs. But we are over half done. Hopefully by the weekend (if we don’t get too much rain) we will get it finished. I love that our kids are getting to help with the kid friendly work. Even little C was holding pipes today as we were putting them together.

Happy Days….. H



I live in Texas, I just can’t complain about too much rain………EVER!

We were supposed to pour the foundation three different times in the last 12 days. But every time it dries up enough we get more rain.

So our grass is happy, and so are the trees. But the pad is sitting and waiting.

The concrete guys are hoping to pour Monday. I hope they can 🙂


We are ready, whenever the weather is. 🙂