Paint….getting one step closer. Yay! Today is the start of the painters third week at the house. The first week was all preparation to seal the siding material on ceilings. After some research and test boards we ended up using an acrylic urethane, it left the wood looking very natural, and is low VOC. I wanted it all sealed so when (if I ever 😝) dust it the paint won’t flake. The old paint is beautiful. But I want it to stay on the old wood.

The painters got that done the beginning of last week. Then they prepped for paint on trim and baseboards. We went with an oil paint….not sure how I feel about it. Jose (the painter) said it would wash and wear better. And with four kids and white trim I was really wanting washable!!! The paint smell is so strong in the house now….with just the primer. I don’t know if I made the best decision to go with an oil base?? The wall paint is all going to be water based low VOC Benjamin Moore Aura paint.

They are using sprayers to paint so the prep is very labour intensive. Take a look.




It looks a bit like a spaceship in the house.

They primed all the trim on Friday and now are hand sanding it all before they start the first coat of paint. So I think it’s going to be another two weeks possible three to get all the painting done.

The laundry chute upstairs. All primed.

And (in other news πŸ˜‰) everyone is pretty excited to have our piano here. It came from California the week before last. It’s Coles family’s piano. It’s been sitting unplayed for 20 years. It will be played often and much enjoyed in its new home. 🎢 I love the 80’s retro vibe of the piano.


So this is what the next few weeks are looking like. White paint and more white paint…..with a few surprise colors in the big kids rooms.

Thanks for reading
Hope you have a wonderful week
Holly 😊


8 thoughts on “Paint

  1. The painting prep looks phenomenal! I don’t think I’d have the patience for it though.
    Love the piano, have always wanted one even though I don’t play!

    • It is such a huge job. I am so glad we opted to pay someone. It is going to be worth every penny :). I played piano a bit as a kid. (Not well). But my girls play. It’s going to be so fun when it’s all tuned up to hear the acoustics in that room.

  2. There is a lot of prep work for painting. That’s the most important and time consuming part – and one of the main reasons I hate painting :0

    I love your piano – I’d love to have room for a baby grand. I played piano as a kid too, and would love get back into it – especially for Christmas time. I can vision gatherings around your piano πŸ™‚

    I think we are at the same spot with things coming together…. I feel the same as you – as long as there is work going on I’m happy. The fact is, as long as work is going on then you know you’re getting closer and you don’t want anything rushed because going back to fix stuff just takes longer.

    • Exactly… re-do’s. Just happy to be working away at it. So funny you said that about christmas and the piano. Our tree will be close to the piano.

      I am so ready to see how the paint is going to look. Just getting this close is really fun.

      You are closer than I am….but I am going to start moving some things in as soon as the paint is dry. Just start organizing. Yippy!

  3. Oh my goodness! I haven’t stopped by for a while to see the house progress – IT’S AMAZING! Truly! And congrats on bringing home the piano. We recently bought one ourselves (no more treks to church for me if I have to practice something) and it’s glory to see my girls’ hands reaching for the keys and making up song. You’ll love having it.

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