One year

I started this blog one year ago today……how fast did that go? I will answer myself with very fast. I knew I would enjoy writing and documenting the build and our life. I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to connect to people all over the world, some like us, building a home and some just writing great stuff about life.

I love that I can talk to my husband about my conversation with Jo (House by the water) and he knows who she is. Or finding a thoughtful pin sent to my Pinterest board from her. 😊 Or how much I have learned about South Africa (home-in-the-making) and how lovingly and honestly AD writes about her home and her country. (Self Build House) on the Isle of Skye. Those ocean views, and who has a real ruin in their yard? I am jealous and I can’t wait to see the blue kitchen. Being excited for Jennifer when her slab was poured here in the US. (Building Northcutt Home).

I have found it so exciting to see these homes grow. Looking at the plans, the elevations watching the stairs go up, discussing the fireplaces…I love to see and hear about the castle the water the neighbors or the weather. The good stuff with the bad.

How fun it has been this last year exchanging ideas. Real genuine ideas. Watching these totally different homes go up brick by brick or cinder block or board. And imagining one day visiting them on those amazing porches/ decks/patios. Wine or tea in hand 😄.

This year I have enjoyed very lively conversation ranging in topics from ‘barely there’ dresses to religion to blogging :). (theeditorsjournal). It has made me think, think about interesting topics that don’t come up in my daily life.

I have had the opportunity to travel before I was married. I lived in Germany and traveled around Europe a bit. I have traveled across Canada and have visited a lot of the States. But with four kids and a farm, we don’t travel much anymore. Horses, cows, dogs, goats…..they all need to be tended, But having a blog has opened up the conversation in my life. And given me the feeling that travel did. And I love it. :).

In the end how fun it will be for my kids to look back and see our little family life documented. If nothing this blog has shown me how small this world is and how connected we all are.

I hope in the coming year, to learn how to link to other blogs (yours) and take and edit prettier photos. I am taking baby steps here 😉. I plan to continue having fun and enjoying the lovely banter. So thanks for inspiring me this year. And following this journey.

H :).