The girls

I thought I would share a few photos of life on our farm.

Our little herd of cows were enjoying the beautiful weather today.

One girl was splashing in the tank (that is Texan for pond). I had to stop and snap some shots because they looked so content. ( my iPhone didn’t exactly get the prettiness of the evening). Oh well.

They headed straight over to the fence when I stopped on the driveway. They were checking to see if maybe there was some hay for them.

There were a few missing in these pictures…..we had a new calf this week with a white face. She is so cute. The cow is Big T’s cow, so she named the baby ‘halfpint’. I haven’t been able to get a shot of her. The mama always has her away when I try. Maybe I will get one this week 🙂

Thanks for reading, have a great week.


Decking the roof

We have been waiting for this….the decking of the roof. A crew came in and decked everything but the front, in one day. It was pretty amazing to watch them work.


The deckers just have no fear. (Or so it seems).

Then the roofers came and put the ice and water shield on the back of the house. They worked in the wind. We ran around cleaning up all the blowing plastic from the underside of the material. I think the roofers thought we were a bit crazy….but we didn’t want all that trash in the fields and they were pretty busy up on the roof fighting the wind, and didn’t have an extra guy to pick it all up. Of course they would have cleaned it up before they left.

Today they finished decking the front of the house, they were finished before lunch. The man in the photo was walking the ridge. Not slowly either 😳.

Ahhhhh and all finished. Tomorrow the roofers will be back to ice and water shield. Now we can be excited for the rain. Instead of worrying.

Monday the windows and doors are supposed to be shipped!!!! Pretty excited to see those go in.

A pretty productive week 🙂


The front porch/entry

A very busy couple days, a second crew of framers came, with the two crews they got all the roof ready to deck.

Decking starts tomorrow.

The framers made the last truss for the entry porch. I think the porch roof really changes the look of the house.


If you notice there is no cupola :(. My husband was never a big fan…..I was, but I think it really will look good either way. It was not going to have real windows in it… it was just aesthetic. I didn’t feel it was worth fighting for. (We could always add one later? Right??).

Don’t they say somewhere that you have to choose you battles? 🙂


Watching the build

Some days the kids can’t wait to get over to the new house….some days they beg me not to drive over. But most of the time they have enjoyed watching the house emerge before their eyes.

Little T, busy on the stairs.

Big C, his feet are on what is planned to be our fireplace mantle beam. The big kids think it’s pretty neat that this wood is so old. I told big T (Who is fascinated with history, especially Indian history) ” Indians and settlers walked by these beams when they were trees in Pennsylvania”. Such a neat concept for them to fathom. Interestingly enough our land was an indian campground at one time. But that will be another post when I have all the information. 🙂

Having breakfast at the house a few weeks ago.

Watching the framers, builders and Hubs standing around the plans, discussing things.

Hauling cut ends of beams to the truck. She insisted on doing it herself. (We are keeping all the cut pieces…..some diy to come I am sure 🙂 )

I remember my parents building our home fondly. I think these little munchkins will too enjoy the memories of building our home.

Slow as a turtle

Well it has been a bit of a slow couple of weeks…..last week we had more snow! Apparently we have had over 60 days of below freezing weather….. I have lived here almost 20 years. It’s not been a usual Texas winter.
I must say, I haven’t loved the cold weather, but the snow makes my Canadian soul happy. The smell, I forgot how good the snow smells 🙂

The kids made snow angel’s in the living room. Not something they will ever do again. Hopefully!

And we got stairs…..that was exciting. The kids were so happy to be able to use the stairs.

So it is coming along. The framers have missed so many days. Working 30 feet in the air is not very safe with cold windy wet weather. But on the days in between the cold days they got the dormers in. And they are just finishing up the rafter, and ceiling joists. On Wednesday a decking crew is supposed to come in and plywood deck all the rooftops. and then the roofers are supposed to come. Yay! Can’t wait until we don’t have to worry about the weather.
Happy weekend! H