I really though I would be blogging like crazy this summer. No running kids to school, oh the time I would have. Nope…..four kiddos home all day equals busy busy me. It was the first summer in 10 years that the kids and I didn’t go to Canada. Insert sad face…..with the house we just had too much going on.

Two more weeks of summer vacation then the kids start back to school. Little T will be starting first grade and will be gone all day (another sad face). And little C man is going to be starting pre K. Just three mornings a week but he is my sidekick. It will be a big change for me. (Wow third sad face). 😉.

So here are a few photos of our summer fun. Just because 😄.

Little T celebrating the end of kindergarten.

Aaron Watson. Big C is learning Guitar and soooo enjoyed watching him play.

Stayed until 11:00pm to get some autographs.

Caught an armadillo (digging up under the trailer) and relocated it to the other property down by the dry creek.

We bought goats….this is Rosie.

Fourth of July fun.

Watching a rodeo with friends.

Little C being respectful while the national anthem played at one of their play days. (Kid rodeo)





Big T goat tying.

Big C running Barrels

The kids found tad poles in June and we watched them turn into toads. We just let these tiny little guys go this week. It was a fun experience.

I had an old window frame I found in the old barns and I had an old chalk board that someone gave me. Cole put them together. I have had this for awhile and I like to put quotes up on it. Big C asked me if he could write the quote…..we picked one off my ‘words’ Pinterest board. And it has perfectly suited our summer. We have had some building stress but…….there are just too many beautiful reasons to be happy

Thanks for reading. On Monday our framers are going to be back to put up scaffolding to fix the trusses. Rods are here…..I will keep you posted.



On a hill

I have been wanting to take some photos of the house from the front and back of our property. Just to give an idea of the lay of the land. So last week we were pouring cement for our propane tank, by the house. And a stock tank in the back of the property. So I took the opportunity to take a few shots.

This is almost to the back (north) fence line of our property.

20140529-225821-82701668.jpgkids helping put the stock tank together. 🙂

Watching the guys finish up the cement work. Little C is as close as he can get to the action…..little cowboy hat beside the man working…..we have had such amazingly patient people working here.

And from our front driveway. (South fence line). The house is very close to the middle of our property. It doesn’t look like much of a hill. But from the house we can see almost everywhere on the property. Which I though would be nice when trying to keep track of kiddo’s. 🙂


The girls

I thought I would share a few photos of life on our farm.

Our little herd of cows were enjoying the beautiful weather today.

One girl was splashing in the tank (that is Texan for pond). I had to stop and snap some shots because they looked so content. ( my iPhone didn’t exactly get the prettiness of the evening). Oh well.

They headed straight over to the fence when I stopped on the driveway. They were checking to see if maybe there was some hay for them.

There were a few missing in these pictures…..we had a new calf this week with a white face. She is so cute. The cow is Big T’s cow, so she named the baby ‘halfpint’. I haven’t been able to get a shot of her. The mama always has her away when I try. Maybe I will get one this week 🙂

Thanks for reading, have a great week.