I wrote this yesterday and it didn’t publish properly. And so I will try again. 😄

New post, sans the wine in one hand. (Possibly the reason for the publishing problem 😉)

Today is my birthday, I am 40…..Little C and I share a birthday. He is 5 today. His Happy Birthday hug was honestly the sweetest this morning.

Horribly unclear picture….but that was him and I on a field trip this last week. On a school bus.

Yesterday, Cole insisted we all take a trip over to the other property to feed cows together.

So we all donned our new toques (made by our lovely neighbor). And headed across the way.

Cole wanted to “check” that the heat was on in the house so we all went in.
And to my very great surprise he had bought me a very beautiful gift.

An antique, or possibly just ‘old’ chandelier. We found it a few month ago at an old home supply store in Ft Worth, when we were looking for door knobs. I fell in love with it, but knew we had more important things to buy. So I just hoped it would not sell before we could get it.
I am not sure the year it was made. I do know it was in the foyer of a historical home on Pennsylvania Ave in Ft Worth. I am hoping to get more details. The two finish guys had gone and picked it up Friday for Cole and hung it. (It’s not wired to the ceiling yet) They were all so sneaky…….it made it a very fun surprise, and a very exciting Birthday.

We did go feed cows.

And Big C climbed way up on the wind mill.

Lots has been going on, septic went in last week, interior doors were put in, trim was started today. And we have ordered almost all our plumbing.
Still have to pick tile and wood floors upstairs. Cabinets are done and sitting in the living room waiting for us to get floors figured out before they get installed. Just have to figure out what and how we are going to finish the concrete.

So things are really moving along.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Merry Christmas 🎄⛄️🎅❄️❤️



9 thoughts on “40

  1. Happy birthday fellow Saggitarian!
    I was having a problem writing a comment yesterday and just assumed it was me as I am so slack with computer ‘stuff’.
    Your chandelier is stunning and looks absolutely fabulous in your new home.
    Happy birthday and Merry Christmas. 🙂

  2. Somehow my reply’s got haywire? So i will start again.

    Thanks Jo, we had a wonderful Birthday. And I couldnt have been happier with my fancy light fixture 😊. Hope you had a great Christmas. Looking forward to the new year. It will be such a big year for you. Moving back and into the HBTW!!! Yay!!!!

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