Fireplace again

The fireplace is done……and we love it.

I can not wait to build a fire in it. 😊

Happy Tuesday
H 🙂


Fireplace is going up.

Well first off, it was a year ago this week that we poured our foundation.

That was a very fast year.

Things are moving along. The rock guys have been here for their second week. These our different guys than the ones who rocked the outside of the fireplace. (That guy decided to add a few thousand dollars onto the bill, right as they were finishing up the outside of the fireplace.) So we made a change and could not be happier. Our new rock guys are great, and have worked so hard to give us what we want.


This piece of wood for the mantle is huge. But it actually looks perfect for the size of the fireplace. Not too massive.

It took all three guys plus Cole to get the mantle in place.

It is perfectly imperfect….just my style.

We had to take down some rock in the beginning…because I kept making suggestions….and it got all catywampus….So I stayed out of their way and they worked their magic. I can’t wait to see how it looks with a hearth……and stockings?? 🎅 fingers crossed.

Happy Thursday.

Rock pillars

The pillars and fireplace have begun this week.

Here are the pillars. We are wanting a dry stacked look.

The ever present helpers :).

Big C wants to skip school on Monday so he can help. He almost has me convinced.

Little C carrying water to the cement mixer.

The broken arm has not slowed him down.

The fireplace is going up also. We did have to tear a bit down. (My fault….again). I will post some pictures when it starts to look like a fireplace. 🙂

Hope your having a relaxing Sunday