Rock pillars

The pillars and fireplace have begun this week.

Here are the pillars. We are wanting a dry stacked look.

The ever present helpers :).

Big C wants to skip school on Monday so he can help. He almost has me convinced.

Little C carrying water to the cement mixer.

The broken arm has not slowed him down.

The fireplace is going up also. We did have to tear a bit down. (My fault….again). I will post some pictures when it starts to look like a fireplace. 🙂

Hope your having a relaxing Sunday

14 thoughts on “Rock pillars

  1. Great helpers! Your dry stacked stone looks very similar to the stone we are using for our feature column. As, the main decision maker and auditor for our house build I am expecting to be the cause of some errors too. Oh, well! So be it!

    • Yes thankfully I decided to change it before it got 12 feet high. Like I did on the outside of the fireplace. (Yikes). We just had to take about four foot by three foot out. And it already looks much better. I think they will have the mantel up tomorrow? I like old looking rock. So if am having a hard time finding the stack that I love. I actually have given it to Cole. He wanted the fireplace, so I told him he has to love it. Not me. :). I just have to like it a lot.

  2. WOW!! Your home is looking so beautiful!! I say, let Big C skip school and help…it will be a day he probably will never remember at school…but one he’ll never forget helping on the home!! 🙂

    • Yes I think so too. I put the kids on here a lot. Because I think one day they will enjoy looking back and seeing how much they were involved. They certainly have a lot of respect for the tradesman. As do I. Ha! It has been a huge learning experience. And fun.

  3. It is fun although i have my moments of frustration!
    I am sure you will all enjoy looking back and reminiscing. It is surprising how quickly we forget ‘stuff’ which is one of the reasons that I have started keeping a record.
    Your home is going to be beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you so much Deb. I have so enjoyed documenting our build. It has been so much fun, discussing ideas and watching other homes go up. It’s made our build that much more fun.

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