Ceiling material is going up.

Our finish carpenter (who is a friend, who’s daughter has played piano with Big T for six years) started on the ceiling material this week. I knew I would like it, but the more that gets done the more beautiful it is looking. I love it.

The first little section….by the fireplace.

The first dormers done….the material went through a planer once so there is some wood showing through the paint on some of the boards. It’s hard to see from this photo because it’s so high up.

So far what is done. We are so happy with it. We just stare at it….a lot. (Haha)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We have been cabinet shopping. We’ve narrowed it down to two different makers. The one company is making three cabinet door for me so I can get an idea what the finish will look like if we go with them. They will be painted, and distressed.

I went to a huge antiques fair in Round top Tx…with my littlest man a few weeks ago. (I have been working on that post 😏). And bought three industrial high bay light fixtures. From warehouses in the 30’s and 40’s. And a few other lights. They are all pretty eclectic.

We have electricity in the house. Just two outlets are turned on so the workers can run tools without all the doors open. And when we are ready we can start some finish electrical. So things are moving along.

Sorry for being so absent…it seems life is just a busy business πŸ˜‰. Cole coached our oldest two in soccer this season. So fun, but a serious time commitment.

Loved all these kiddos ⚽️ our two are on the lower left. :). Big C just turned 10…and Big T just turned 11. Crazy we have two kids in the double didgets.
πŸ˜„ H


20 thoughts on “Ceiling material is going up.

      • No not going into the biz, of building….tho I am trying to talk my husband into it. He is a researching fool. And has had to take a crash course in home building. Haha! I do like the hunt for finding neat things….I could find a business in that I think. We will see how my current finds work out.

      • Yes that’s along the lines of what I meant. I could see you accessorizing this and that after the Big Project is completed, especially as your contact book must be growing.

  1. Lovely post and such a super photo of all those happy children. Wondering if you’re going to be painting the ceiling? And looking forward to the Antiques Fair post too…

    • Thanks AD, couldnt resist putting those smiley faces in :). We won’t paint the ceiling. We will just put a clear coat over top, to keep the old paint from chipping. All the walls will be white, so that the trusses and old barn boards will be the focal point of the room. We are reusing old barn wood, that we shipped half way across the country. We might be a bit crazy. 😊. I wanted some real age in the house…..I guess some history??

  2. The ceiling lining is amazing. I’d stare at it for hours too. No doubt over the years, you’ll find all sorts of details in those boards – faces, shapes, etc. The colour tones are going to be great with the decorating that you have planned. I can’t wait to see your light fixtures.

    • Thanks Johanne…….yes! like when you were a kid lying in bed looking at the textured ceilings. Its like looking at clouds :). I never thought of that. πŸ˜„ so far my eye is always drawn to the parts that the wood shows through. And the flat part of the dormer roof. I really hope the light fixtures work. They are very industrial……we will just have to get them up and then see how they look. It sure has been fun finding my style. And its really not one style…..so i hope it blends well. Without looking over done, or just plain goofy.

      And I was going to tell you I started watching Downton Abbey. (And I am fairly addicted). :). Thanks to you. I have only just finished watching season two….so I have two more seasons to go to catch up. πŸ™‚

      • Ha, ha! I forgot mentioning Downton Abbey?? Every time I see their floor rugs, I swoon! I like their kitchen too, with the gigantic table for the staff and copper pots that would be worth an absolute fortune these days.

      • Oh I know….the whole place its swoon worthy. But yes that kitchen…. The table, the pots and I love the white tea cups (all the dinner ware) that the staff uses. They are so perfect…..it always makes me want to make a pot of tea.

    • Somehow I missed these comments. How are you Self build??? I have been thinking about you so much. Are you all settled in? Do you love everything. I am dying to see pictures. 😊

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