Moving along

Our drywall guys finished all the texture yesterday. Another step complete….

I am not a fan of texture….I like flat walls….but with four kids, and living on a farm and loving white….the texture is the smart move πŸ™‚

Big T in the loft.

One last photo of the stilt walkers.
This was before primer and texture.

So next step is going to be ceiling material….and the decorative beams and rafter beams. Happy happy to be moving along.

The kids and I are going to pick out paint color for the their rooms this week. We are going to have our painter paint the great room. But we will be painting the rest of the house. (I love to paint….I hope I still do after this).

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10 thoughts on “Moving along

    • Thanks Jennifer….its so exciting. I went over yesterday by myself, took a plastic chair and sat in every room to get the feel and the view. And ideas for furniture placement. It was so fun.

  1. Now that you are getting closer to the end, I bet it feels slower! Painting will keep you busy. I think painting could be a pleasure if you have new walls ready to go. I’ve never tried that! The stilt walker is amazing – which trade is he? Could I use that picture sometime? (I’d link it to your blog.) Also, when you see the fresh walls like that, it’s incredible to see how many holes you have for fittings. The modern day home, hey? Sitting in each room for a while is such a great idea. Maybe I’ll throw all my plans out the window, when I finally am able to do that!

    • Because our summer was so slow (read almost nothing happened). Just having workers at the house makes me so happy. This week we are waiting for our big 8 foot fan to be delivered. As we have to run the wires that are on the fan before we cover up the ceiling. And we have to get the ceiling done before the rock guy comes and finishes the fireplace. It’s all now trying to figure out what has to be done before the next sub comes. I don’t think I have ever posted that we are no longer using our builders. We are doing it ourselves. It was nothing dramatic, they just wanted us to pay 20% of the “moving wall” fix and we felt that wasn’t right, because we were having to pay for fixing it and shouldn’t have to pay extra. (Wow run on sentence). Ha! So we are now our own builders. Which will save us 20% on the rest of the build so that is a big bonus? And we were so hands on that it hasn’t been a problem at all so far.

      Yes you may absolutely use that photo….the man Mr Snyder is in his 70’s, he started the business and his sons took it over. But he still comes and helps if it’s a big job and they don’t want to use outside help. It amazes me that they can walk on those stilts. And they do it like they are walking on the ground. His trade is drywall. (I am not sure what you guys call it?).

      I have walked around the house a million times, but sitting in each spot really helped me get some ideas for furniture placement. And just flow of the house. You might throw your plans out the window πŸ˜‰. But you have done your research… will be good :). And the fun part is moving stuff in and realizing it fits a certain spot.

      We went to two cabinet shops this week (you call them benches). And have some quotes coming in. So that’s going to make a big difference to how that room feels.

      We are going to have exposed air conditioning ducts in the house so those big holes are for that. And the square is the big air intake. We have learned so much how the modern house works. It’s pretty amazing really.

      I think it will be fun to paint these new walls. And you are right… Keep me busy πŸ™‚

      Your pool is looking great. How fun to have that done now. And smart because of the foundation. Excited to see your slab poured. Do you have any plans on heading back soon to see it?

      • Mr Snyder is very impressive! I plan to sneak a trip to our block at the start of January since we’ll be in Australia for Christmas.

    • Yes we are hoping we can. Once the framers come back and finish the ceilings and beams then everyone else can work whenever they have us booked in. If we can keep up with the decision making….things should move along. πŸ™‚

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