The framers got three of the trusses up today. We were not sure how they were going to look when they were up. We could not be happier.

It was such an exciting day.




I think this is my favorite shot today.


We went over tonight after the framers (Artists with old beams, I will call them) were gone.

My husband and I looked up into these beautiful old beam trusses and he said “I can’t believe this is our home”. Which was exactly what I was thinking.
We don’t want a show home….we want a home to raise our wild little brood. We wanted character and warmth. These old beams, they have so much character and warmth……they are amazing.

We are a little in awe.




We had a meeting last week with our Marvin window man. I am in love with our windows. Crazy excited. They are casement windows, our screens are going to be on the inside!!!! So no nasty dirt dust on the window sill. Yay! The window guy needed a color on the exterior of the windows, so he can order them, all of a sudden I need to make up my mind. We had not decided on a color for the exterior of the house. We had always thought barnwood brown. But I have looked at a million pictures and can not find a rustic brown that I love. The budget will not allow for a custom paint job. Ha! So I am going to go with white. I was raised in a beautiful white farm house. And I love white. Most of the interior of the house is going to be white so it should go very well.

With the four kidlets, I am a bit afraid. But I think it can be done. I am thinking with a black door. Or maybe gray?

These last two weeks have been crazy with meeting and decisions.

I got some pictures from the Marvin website. So these are what they will look like. I am so happy with our decision.

A white farm house on a hill, I think I can see myself living in it šŸ™‚