Things are moving along at the house. This last week we got the railing over the loft and stairs done.


I wanted to keep the detail of the birdsmouth’s on the rafter beams to add some interest. And Because I think they look cool :). I had them all face into the loft so from downstairs it looks clean. But from upstairs it’s a bit ummmm…….random. 😉


Cole and Jerry (carpenter) notched the floor cap beams out so they lay over the drywall. This made it so there was no need to trim along the bottom, my idea……but a big job for them. That old wood is hard to notch out!!

The posts and bottom floor cap are bigger beams, than the railing and the railing cap. The guys drilled a hole in the bottom of the beams and places it over these pipes. They won’t move….ever. Super heavy duty.




That new wood, in the foreground of the photo with Big T looking over the stairs, is our wood floors for the upstairs. It is acclimating now. Excited to see how that is going to look. 😄

I was not sure what we were going to make this railing out of. There was a lot of time spent on pinterest. We looked into wood with pipe, iron, even old doors. But we had all this reclaimed wood left over, and it seemed silly not to use it. I am happy we did.

I was very worried that the wood was going to look too heavy. But it seems to work with the height of the loft railing from down stairs. And upstairs it makes the loft/playroom really cozy. And it gives everyone a chance to see all the detail, nail holes, saw marks, white paint and age of this pre-civil war era wood.

Andddddd…….added bonus is I can relax when the kids are upstairs. The 11 foot fall was always worrisome for me. 😁.

The base and trim are all done as well, so now on to paint.

The painters are in and busy prepping, we were going to paint ourselves but our painter talked Cole into letting him. 😋. He will do a much better job than me….

And our ever present little helper…hauling rafter railing up the stairs. 💙

Happy Saturday everyone.
Thanks for reading,
Holly 😊