I really though I would be blogging like crazy this summer. No running kids to school, oh the time I would have. Nope…..four kiddos home all day equals busy busy me. It was the first summer in 10 years that the kids and I didn’t go to Canada. Insert sad face…..with the house we just had too much going on.

Two more weeks of summer vacation then the kids start back to school. Little T will be starting first grade and will be gone all day (another sad face). And little C man is going to be starting pre K. Just three mornings a week but he is my sidekick. It will be a big change for me. (Wow third sad face). 😉.

So here are a few photos of our summer fun. Just because 😄.

Little T celebrating the end of kindergarten.

Aaron Watson. Big C is learning Guitar and soooo enjoyed watching him play.

Stayed until 11:00pm to get some autographs.

Caught an armadillo (digging up under the trailer) and relocated it to the other property down by the dry creek.

We bought goats….this is Rosie.

Fourth of July fun.

Watching a rodeo with friends.

Little C being respectful while the national anthem played at one of their play days. (Kid rodeo)





Big T goat tying.

Big C running Barrels

The kids found tad poles in June and we watched them turn into toads. We just let these tiny little guys go this week. It was a fun experience.

I had an old window frame I found in the old barns and I had an old chalk board that someone gave me. Cole put them together. I have had this for awhile and I like to put quotes up on it. Big C asked me if he could write the quote…..we picked one off my ‘words’ Pinterest board. And it has perfectly suited our summer. We have had some building stress but…….there are just too many beautiful reasons to be happy

Thanks for reading. On Monday our framers are going to be back to put up scaffolding to fix the trusses. Rods are here…..I will keep you posted.



Our eldest is going to be 10

This tuesday my big girl is going to be 10. Ten years I have been a mother. It seems like it has gone very fast, but it also seems like it was a long time ago that she was a tiny sweet baby girl.

This is a bit of a random, what we did over the weekend post, but it was just so fun I had to share. Hope you guys all had a great weekend. Some of the photos are from my I phone so excuse the bad quality. I just wanted a couple shots for keepsakes for these girls as they grow up.

20130915-204455.jpg T when she was 8

We had a little birthday party this weekend. We called it a BBQ, I guess so we (I)wouldn’t feel bad about not inviting all her friends to her “Birthday Party”. We have had birthday parties with all her classmates at a park, we have had them with all her girlfriends here at our farm. But this year I told her to pick two friends and we would find something fun to do. She wanted to have them over at the house and play American Girl dolls. “Ok…. I can do that.” I even said they could sleep over. ( She has only ever had one friend over to sleep, so this was a big treat)

But she had three girls. Three sweet little friends that she couldn’t leave out. So two became three, and I decided no sleep over. Good to go!!! So I talked to the three moms and we decided the kids (we had 7 siblings with the four girls) could ride horses, eat an early supper then play dolls.

On friday Hubs ran over to a good friends and borrowed a smoker, so we could have a smoked brisket for the BBQ. (My guy is an amazing self taught cook). We got up at around 5:30 and started a fire in the smoker, with the help of our two littlest who are our early risers. Then we put the brisket in, sat on the porch, drank our coffee and watched the sun rise. It was pretty blissful.

The fun started at around 3, all the kids got a chance to ride Blue and Dunny the big horses and mess around lead, and ride cowboy, the pony. Then whoever wanted to got to help unsaddle and hose off horses. They all loved it.

Then we ate, we had the brisket with homemade potato salad, beans (canned I cheated) and a beautiful green salad, with my fav homemade dressing. And Hubs made his Mom’s “famous” (as my kiddos say) homemade cheese cake for a birthday cake. YUMMO!

After dinner the moms and I drove over to the house site and looked around while the Dads were on kid duty. Only one bandaid needed upon our return. 🙂 Not bad for 7 girls and 4 boys ranging in ages from 3 to 12. And two Dads.

When the moms got back, the kids had decided that a sleepover was indeed necessary. It was an easy yes for me because I had originally thought a sleepover would be fun. So two friends and one sweet little sister spent the night. The last set of parents didn’t leave until 10:45pm, (one little guy was zonked on the couch.) So it was after 11 when five girls in one little room were tucked into bed. Within about 20 min, all the little people were sound asleep. Sweetness.

The crew woke at 7:30, ate pancakes and got right to playing. Some inside with their dolls and some outside in the pastures visiting horses, and knocking down wasps nests. (that is how my 6 year old little Miss T rolls, yikes :/ ). There was not one fight, one cross word. They had good old fashioned fun. They were all dirty and tired when it was time to go home. And I was so proud. So proud that my girl has such kind, respectful friends. And proud that kids can still have a fun time without a limo ride to a movie or a bouncy house, the mall or video games or TV. Not that I have any problem with any of that stuff. Its just so nice to see kids using their imagination and being kids.

When one of my friends came to pick up her daughter today she told me her 7 year old son said to her today “for my birthday I am going to have my party at the jump house (in town) or at Ms Holly’s house” It made me feel good that everyone had as much fun as we did.

Big T is getting a sewing machine from my inlaws for her birthday. But she can’t open it until her actual birthday. She is going to be soooo excited!

Ten years of loving our sweet girl.

Big T with my niece L.

Big T with “Cowboy” when she was 3.

Silly girls giving the horses “bunny ears” Cowboy the little paint pony was a santa gift when Big T was 3.

Pancake breakfast, notice some dolls at the table?

Riding yesterday.

Hope you enjoyed the post, have a great week.