I wrote this yesterday and it didn’t publish properly. And so I will try again. 😄

New post, sans the wine in one hand. (Possibly the reason for the publishing problem 😉)

Today is my birthday, I am 40…..Little C and I share a birthday. He is 5 today. His Happy Birthday hug was honestly the sweetest this morning.

Horribly unclear picture….but that was him and I on a field trip this last week. On a school bus.

Yesterday, Cole insisted we all take a trip over to the other property to feed cows together.

So we all donned our new toques (made by our lovely neighbor). And headed across the way.

Cole wanted to “check” that the heat was on in the house so we all went in.
And to my very great surprise he had bought me a very beautiful gift.

An antique, or possibly just ‘old’ chandelier. We found it a few month ago at an old home supply store in Ft Worth, when we were looking for door knobs. I fell in love with it, but knew we had more important things to buy. So I just hoped it would not sell before we could get it.
I am not sure the year it was made. I do know it was in the foyer of a historical home on Pennsylvania Ave in Ft Worth. I am hoping to get more details. The two finish guys had gone and picked it up Friday for Cole and hung it. (It’s not wired to the ceiling yet) They were all so sneaky…….it made it a very fun surprise, and a very exciting Birthday.

We did go feed cows.

And Big C climbed way up on the wind mill.

Lots has been going on, septic went in last week, interior doors were put in, trim was started today. And we have ordered almost all our plumbing.
Still have to pick tile and wood floors upstairs. Cabinets are done and sitting in the living room waiting for us to get floors figured out before they get installed. Just have to figure out what and how we are going to finish the concrete.

So things are really moving along.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Merry Christmas 🎄⛄️🎅❄️❤️


Fireplace is going up.

Well first off, it was a year ago this week that we poured our foundation.

That was a very fast year.

Things are moving along. The rock guys have been here for their second week. These our different guys than the ones who rocked the outside of the fireplace. (That guy decided to add a few thousand dollars onto the bill, right as they were finishing up the outside of the fireplace.) So we made a change and could not be happier. Our new rock guys are great, and have worked so hard to give us what we want.


This piece of wood for the mantle is huge. But it actually looks perfect for the size of the fireplace. Not too massive.

It took all three guys plus Cole to get the mantle in place.

It is perfectly imperfect….just my style.

We had to take down some rock in the beginning…because I kept making suggestions….and it got all catywampus….So I stayed out of their way and they worked their magic. I can’t wait to see how it looks with a hearth……and stockings?? 🎅 fingers crossed.

Happy Thursday.

Rock pillars

The pillars and fireplace have begun this week.

Here are the pillars. We are wanting a dry stacked look.

The ever present helpers :).

Big C wants to skip school on Monday so he can help. He almost has me convinced.

Little C carrying water to the cement mixer.

The broken arm has not slowed him down.

The fireplace is going up also. We did have to tear a bit down. (My fault….again). I will post some pictures when it starts to look like a fireplace. 🙂

Hope your having a relaxing Sunday

Ceiling material is going up.

Our finish carpenter (who is a friend, who’s daughter has played piano with Big T for six years) started on the ceiling material this week. I knew I would like it, but the more that gets done the more beautiful it is looking. I love it.

The first little section….by the fireplace.

The first dormers done….the material went through a planer once so there is some wood showing through the paint on some of the boards. It’s hard to see from this photo because it’s so high up.

So far what is done. We are so happy with it. We just stare at it….a lot. (Haha)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We have been cabinet shopping. We’ve narrowed it down to two different makers. The one company is making three cabinet door for me so I can get an idea what the finish will look like if we go with them. They will be painted, and distressed.

I went to a huge antiques fair in Round top Tx…with my littlest man a few weeks ago. (I have been working on that post 😏). And bought three industrial high bay light fixtures. From warehouses in the 30’s and 40’s. And a few other lights. They are all pretty eclectic.

We have electricity in the house. Just two outlets are turned on so the workers can run tools without all the doors open. And when we are ready we can start some finish electrical. So things are moving along.

Sorry for being so absent…it seems life is just a busy business 😉. Cole coached our oldest two in soccer this season. So fun, but a serious time commitment.

Loved all these kiddos ⚽️ our two are on the lower left. :). Big C just turned 10…and Big T just turned 11. Crazy we have two kids in the double didgets.
😄 H

Moving along

Our drywall guys finished all the texture yesterday. Another step complete….

I am not a fan of texture….I like flat walls….but with four kids, and living on a farm and loving white….the texture is the smart move 🙂

Big T in the loft.

One last photo of the stilt walkers.
This was before primer and texture.

So next step is going to be ceiling material….and the decorative beams and rafter beams. Happy happy to be moving along.

The kids and I are going to pick out paint color for the their rooms this week. We are going to have our painter paint the great room. But we will be painting the rest of the house. (I love to paint….I hope I still do after this).

Thanks for stopping by


Drywall is going up this week. I can’t believe I have hallways and rooms.

From the living room looking towards the kitchen and up into the loft/playroom.

These guys are amazing on stilts. He is on two boards over the stairs. And so……little C is now asking us for stilts for his next birthday :).

Looking out from the loft, the stairwell is in the left corner.

Today was a half day for the three big kids in school. We stopped by the house on the way home and the kids started playing ‘hide and go seek’. Cole and I were visiting with Jonathan the head drywall guy. They run a family business with Jonathan and his Brother and his Nephew Andrew and his Father Omar. (I can’t remember his brothers name 😞)

All of a sudden a man goes running through the great room. Jonathan says “was that my brother?” Now there is often running bodies at the house but they are usually our kids, not grown men. But we both looked and said “yep that was your brother”. Then went back to talking. About 20 seconds later we hear “ready or not here we come”. And all four of our kids came running into the great room on the hunt to find Jonathan’s brother. It was so sweet and so funny. And honestly how so much of this project has gone. Our subs have been so amazing.

My kids have had such a great experience meeting these hard working tradesmen. And slowly watching our home materialize. The dry wall has been such a huge change. Being able to walk down the hallways and into all the rooms. It’s been really fun for all of us.

The girls checking out their rooms, after the first day of drywall.

Little C-man helping step on the tool that lifts up the bottom of the drywall.

Staying out of the way watching the (unseen) man working 🙂

And following Dad, carrying wood, always ready to help.

They started taping the drywall today. I think by Tuesday it will be time to start texturing the walls. They are going to make a few samples for me. Big decision!!! 😳.

Sorry for the crazy long post. And million pics of little man.

Thanks for following along our crazy journey.