Quick peek Insulation

Insulation has being blown in this last week and a half. They should be finished tomorrow.

It feels pretty quiet in there with everything covered over.

The ceiling and the walls are a closed cell foam. Three inches on the roof deck and two inches on the walls. And the ceiling between the first and second floor section is an open cell soft foam. (for floor sound proofing from upstairs).

It’s starting to feel like a house. The drywall is going to be delivered Friday. So they will be starting drywall Monday. Woohoo! I might just be doing the happy dance. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Quick peek Insulation

    • It is a spray foam that they spray (blow) on the walls and ceiling. It is a two part mix that comes out of the mixing gun sprayer at 130 degrees. It hardens as it dries into a hard (almost plastic like) foam. It makes a very tight envelope….we had to put an air exchanger in our AC unit….because the insulation is so tight. That way we get fresh air (already cooled and heated). That will circulate throughout the house all the time. With the size of the house we didn’t want crazy electric bills. Tho the initial cost is high it should pay for itself over the years. Sorry if that is too much info. 😜

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