All the rods

Just a quick photo of the finished rods in the trusses.

I am so glad that we chose the raw steel. Happily moving along now. Insulation starts on Monday.



3 thoughts on “All the rods

    • The post “rods in trusses”. And Truss fix. I don’t know if you remember in June we realized one fifty by sixteen foot wall had moved. So we had to get the great room re engineered. It was a bit stressful but they came up with these rods. We had to get the rods fabricated locally. An honestly I didn’t know how it was going to look. I had posted the start of the rods last week. And wanted to put a photo of the finished product. Tho the room is far from finished. :). Happily we are no longer standing still and can continue with building. Yay! Hopeful move in date is December my 40th birthday being three days before Christmas. Fingers crossed.

      • Yes I do remember that very well considering I have a terrible memory. Bit I couldn’t remember if there was some posts preceding it that I had missed and had forgotten to catch up on. But it’s great watching it all happen from a safe, (read lazy) distance!

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