Rods in trusses

The rods have been going up all week. It’s been so nice to see things moving along.

This is the number five truss….the first one done.


Zoomed in a bit.

Here, if you look really close, you can see truss one and two and four and five are done. Truss three is the problem child (the one the framers are working on here) we are going to change out one of the beams that go up the wall. So it will be the last one done.

We are really happy with the way they are looking. They remind me of a bridge truss. Thankfully we love the industrial look.
So far the rods have brought the wall back in (almost two inches). Yay!! Engineering wise it has all been very interesting, and quite the learning experience. Our front door that was almost 2 inches out is now it is plum. 🙂 So crossing our fingers that when they get number 3 truss done all will be good.
I will take another pic when it is all done. The rods look like they belong….not like a fix. I was a bit worried about it looking like an add on. But it really doesn’t.

And just for a chuckle….my three youngest stinkers making themselves (well everyone….workers included) laugh. Little C man was not getting the idea of opening the bottom of his shirt. 🙂

Hope your day is happy.
H 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rods in trusses

  1. That all sounds positive! In your 4th photo, looking at the grand scale of things, the rods blend in – the beams and sheer size of the room stand out. Aesthetically, I don’t think you’ve lost anything. I wouldn’t mind betting that plenty of people put rods in just for their good looks. (Winning bathroom on Australia’s “The Block” program this week did that.)
    Your little kids are so funny. Made me laugh.

    • Thanks Johanne….we had a local company fabricate the rods and attachments. (And he made a long jig so every rod is the same length.) As soon as I saw the material I was pretty sure I would like it when it was on the trusses. I think it adds to the old industrial farmhouse look that I am going for. Which makes me very happy. Isn’t that the way it turns out….worry for nothing. :). And now that wall should never move. It fascinates me that the engineers know how to fix that kind of thing. Interesting that rods were used for the look in the show. Tho now I can see why. They add a certain feel for sure.

      I think when we have the old wood ceiling and the white walls I will love it even more.

      I didn’t realize how much it was worrying me until I saw it and love it. Certainly a weight off my mind :).

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