The yellow house

We have a little yellow farmhouse on our property. It’s the little house that Coles parents stay in when they come and visit from California.

They are coming this weekend, so the kids and I have spent the day dusting and vacuuming, and getting it ready. Here are a few photos I took today.

It really is such a cute little place. The little house was built room by room, or so we gather by the fact that every room has at least one exterior door, all except the bathroom.
I have not found out yet when it was built. The neighbor lady was one of the children raised in this house. She called Cole the other day to ask if he could unload some hay on the sixteenth of this month for her. I hope to have a list of questions for her about the property and the house.

Eat in kitchen and living room. The wood walls are shiplap.


Little bathroom

Coles Mom is an Artist. Here is a painting that her and Big T have been working on. I love it as is, but apparently it’s not done yet. I might have to talk them in to signing it so it can be hung in the new house :).



There is so much character in this house. Old board signs used on the walls.
The old owners (the brother to the neighbor) stopped by this spring and told Cole that the fancy wood door (first door photo) had layers of paint on it and he sanded it all off, to expose the beautiful old wood. I am not sure if the door was original to the house or if he found it? I have so many questions.

We are planning to renovate this house in the future…..if Coles parents decide to move to Texas.
We would like to update the kitchen, add on a nice master bedroom and bath. And add a laundry room. The laundry is in the kitchen now. And we would like to put a new roof on. And re do the porches. That’s the plan 😊.

Things are coming along at the new house. The rods are going in this week. Can’t wait to show the pics. We are really happy with how they look…..and so far they are appearing to be fixing our problem. 😄. Big happy face.

Thanks for reading


5 thoughts on “The yellow house

    • It is really an interesting old house…..many stories to learn about it. :).

      Shiplap is horizontal pine planks, they were very common in the US (and Canada) I think up until the 20’s. (Maybe 30’s???). They were often covered by fabric as wall covering…..before wallpaper. It is beautiful old pine. Many people now buy old homes and take down the drywall looking for shiplap to paint or leave natural. I love it both ways.

      The bed is a solid oak hand carved bed that my Mother In Law found. She bought it new with the side tables and dresser. It is the type of furniture that will be a beautiful antique in 100 years. :).

  1. Thanks Jen….I love all the doors too. And I can’t wait until the kids can run down the hill from the big house to visit their grandparents…..or Aunts and Uncles and cousins. :).

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