Truss fix

We met with the engineer, our framer and our builders……..

First off the engineer said everything looks great……no fear of the wall falling in. Big happy face!!! šŸ˜„. The wood is “creeping” as wood does……there was a lot of talk about the size of the beams and the point where the wood was taking all the weight…..honestly when he said there was no fear of the wall falling over I just got into the aesthetic part and left the technical why to my husband. Bottom line “it’s fixable”, and not crazy expensive to fix.

Our trusses are king post trusses….we are going to use rods to make them a scissor type truss. Had we gone with scissor trusses to begin with (due to the smaller beams). We wouldn’t have had the problem. (Or that’s what we were told).

This was nobody’s fault but our own….we should have measured the wood when we received it. Lesson learned. šŸ˜

We talked to an engineer in Washington and sent him photos and he was in agreement with our engineer. (We wanted another opinion). His idea was exactly the same…..without knowing what our guy was coming up with. So that made us feel better.

So this is what our engineer sent us yesterday…..there will actually be four rods on each beam.

Like this with four rods. except with our truss (I found this photo on Pinterest)

The rods with the wood is very European…..there are no places in the US that build these rod systems (that we could find). They are all in the UK and one company in Canada (again that we could find) So now we have to figure out if we will have them fabricated here or order them. (It’s looking like 5-6 weeks to order them). That is a long time…. :(. Hopefully we don’t have to wait that long. Fingers crossed.

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