Houston we have a problem.

We were over at the house on Thursday to see the progress of the electrical, and Cole noticed the header beam across the loft was pulled out from the wall. By about 5/8th of an inch.

Now we have spent just around $10,000 on engineering on these plans. We hired an extra engineer in Pennsylvania just to look at our beams to make sure they were structurally sound before shipping them here. When they got here the beams were smaller than they were supposed to be. But because we had them checked out (by a reputable company) we assumed they would do the job. (Yep….we shouldn’t have assumed).

So basically weight from the beams are pushing out the 16 ft tall wall, the wall with the front door. The wall is 50 ft long. Because the beams don’t sit on the plate line, the truss is pushing out instead of down, had the beams been bigger and longer (like they were supposed to be). (And like what we payed for) we would have been ok.

Cole put a call in to our original engineer here in Texas, he was supposed to call back yesterday but so far we have heard nothing. :(.

Yes…..I wanted to cry yesterday! But I reminded myself. It is just a house…..it (apparently) is going to be a bigger learning experience than we thought. And I have too many things to be thankful for to get too upset. And it’s fixable. With money yes, but it’s fixable.

So the framer came out yesterday. I did not go over…..sometimes husbands have to get the bad news first.

Our framer (who is a great guy) is coming back on Monday to get up in the trusses and see exactly what is moving and how far. Most likely we will have to put four beams going from the truss to the floor. (Now to be totally honest I always wanted some down beams in the house). And we might have to have some cables or rods going from wall to wall.

In this photo which I have looked at many times there is a rod, I had never noticed it before yesterday.

We will know more next week.

My only worry is it will look like it was a fix? But thankfully the walls are still all open so we should be able to seamlessly set the new vertical beams. And tie it all into the walls if that’s what we end up needing to do. And it actually might really help out with some lighting issues. We will see.

Think happy thoughts for me. I was ready to jump in bed and never get out again yesterday. But it’s all perspective and I am sooooo glad we saw this before everything was covered up by drywall.

But it does suck. A lot.

H 😳😁😑.


6 thoughts on “Houston we have a problem.

  1. Oh, Holly. That is big, but not insurmountable. Your attitude is admirable. I’m thinking positively for you and really it is so good that it has been found now and no later. It could have become an awful disaster.
    In the picture you’ve posted, aside from the rod (which I would not have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it), those chandeliers make me think of your binders.

    • Oh, Johanne your so right, it really could have been awful. Now it’s just putting our heads together and figuring it out. We spent a much needed day at friends yesterday. It’s amazing how good friends and laughter make most everything better. I did have one day of feeling sorry for myself :). I will admit.

  2. What a bummer! Sorry to hear you’ve hit such a snag. But Johanne is right – your attitude is admirable, AND looking to the bright side – it could have been worse. Hopefully the fix is quick and doesn’t dig too much into your budget and you can just put it behind you.

    • Thanks Jennifer. We have been talking with lots of people all week trying to come up with the best fix. We meet with Builders Framer and Engineer in the morning. Hopefully with all our heads working on it and all our research we will get it figured out. It appears to be fixable. Fingers crossed and prayers and happy thoughts sent out. :).

  3. The good thing is this is normal. If you were having ZERO problems renovating a house I would be perturbed.
    Imagine a year from now! (…And make mine a cold one by the barn hanging with the horses!)

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