Some rooms I love

Well……the roof is finished, the rain gutters and down spouts are in. Well actually were in two weeks ago. We are now waiting on our electrician, and we are waiting on him because he has been waiting on us, and now he is on another project.  (so I get more time to decide).  The great room is 50 by 30 with 28 foot ceilings. Trying to figure out how to light it has taken some thinking.

And frankly my brain is needing a rest from thinking about it… today I am going to post some pictures that inspire me.

This is from a home in Marfa Tx. I think the owner is a photographer from New York…..but I am not sure. I cut this out of a magazine years ago. And found it on Pinterest again. I love the floors…..and the openness. Well I love most everything about this picture.

Simple and white…..with a wood table.

More white love.

How fun would a tipi be upstairs in the loft?




I love all the wall texture in these pictures.  Found on Pinterest


I added these because my dear friends thirteen year old daughter got a camera for her birthday, so she asked if she could come to the farm and take a few pictures. These are two of my favorites.


And I got a shot of her getting a shot of one of our horses.  (so cute).

School is out for the summer…..:). It is so great to be home and getting some projects accomplished!!!!

Thanks for reading…..sorry it’s been a bit slow around here.




7 thoughts on “Some rooms I love

  1. I was just thinking that I hadn’t heard from you for while! Your great room is massive. I’d have no idea how to light it either. I hope it gets lots of natural light to make it easier. You could hold a local dance in there (or whatever it is you do for community socialising in Texas)! I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be otherwise occupied now it’s the holidays, but do post some a picture of your great room sometime. It’s hard for me to imagine a room that size.

    • It does seem really huge……mostly because the ceiling are so high. I will be posting a lighting post here soon. It is to the point of frustrating……a ridiculous first world problem. (I totally get that). So not a biggie in the grand scheme of things. But it’s been frustrating us. I have to have it all figured out by Monday. Happy about that….but a wee bit stressed. I keep telling myself……it will all work out. :).

      The four dormers are all in the great room… thankfully lots of natural light. 12 sets of windows in the room and three doors with windows. We are good in the daylight. I just don’t want the ceiling to look like a big black hole at night.

  2. What gorgeous pictures. I particularly like the one of the little table in the window. And just what is it about white? We all seem to love it. Also looking forward to seeing some pictures of the ‘great room’. Enjoy your long summer holidays!

    • I used to love color. But now it’s white gray and wood for me. ( I hope I don’t grow out of it). :). Maybe it’s becoming a mother and the craziness involved. Ha!

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