Happy Easter

Coles parents came in from California for Easter. We have never had family down for this holiday. And are enjoying them so much. And on top of the lovely visit we have had rain on the forty five acres of land we just sprigged with coastal grass. Not once but three times it has rained this week❗️So important for the farm.

Life could not be better. :).

Family and rain.

The tractor putting the sprigs out. Just below the house.

Big T and Grandma at Little T’s Easter egg hunt at school.

Little T hunting eggs.

Taking a walk in the drizzle of rain.

Such a fun weekend….and they are here until Tuesday.

Happy Easter everyone hope you are surrounded by family, love and chocolate :).



7 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter to all of you too! Thank you for sharing these lovely family photos. As far as the house goes, I especially love the last picture with the house in the slightly misty distance. It’s looking beautiful and it’s good to see it from further away as one gets a better perspective.

    • Thank you so much…..I actually was thinking of taking a photo from all four corners of the farm. Just to show how the land lays? We have had such a fun time with my inlaws. This was the first time for them to see the new house, so it was pretty exciting.

    • Thanks Johanne, I really wanted it to look like it fit here. That it added to the farm, not detracted from it. It was so fun to show to my inlaws. We have spent most of the week over at the little guest house on the property (we call it the yellow house). We even had an Easter egg hunt 🙂

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