Paint on door trim.

Way up high is the “just for looks barn doors”. We found a color for the trim…’s called “fog” again by Pittsburg paints. It goes with the roof and the rock. I think it’s just subtle enough.




This morning as I passed the house on the way home from school, this is what I saw, I had to drive in and take a picture……this roofer looked like a bird perched way up on the peak of the roof. Brave guys!!!!


The painters got the black trim around the front porch door and window done….. to be honest I am not 100% sure I love it. It’s pretty bold…..but I think with the pillars being 2 ft by 2ft rock… will fit. We will wait and see. I think it gives a modern vibe? Maybe???? But I figure it’s just paint……easy fix if we need to. For now I am going to go with it. It is growing on me. What do you think???

Happy happy Tuesday, H


5 thoughts on “Paint on door trim.

  1. It suddenly seems to be racing towards completion! I like the black trim. I think it clearly defines the entrance. I’d love to know what kind of roofing you’ve used? The design of the ‘just for looks’ barn door seems to match the beams over the porch? I like that ‘echo’ Will those porch beams always be visible?

    • The outside is going up fast. The inside is still just two by four walls. Lots of work left in the interior.

      The roof is a twenty two gauge galvalume standing seam roof with a 21 inch space between the ribs. (I had to ask my husband all that 😀).

      The porch beams will always be visible….they are actually wrapped in brown paper right now because of paint. We will put a teak oil on them to protect them from the weather.

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