Fireplace 2

The outside of the fireplace is complete….not without a few problems. They got twelve feet up and we really didn’t like it at all. We tried to. But after thinking about it for a few hours we made the decision to knock it down and start all over. I felt terrible, but ultimately we are going to be the ones looking at it.

The rock guys were really great about it, and I spent the next morning watching every rock get placed and telling them how I wanted it. Honestly I felt like a jerk. But that was the way to get it how I wanted it. I wanted it to look like it had been there forever. Our builders advised us not to dry stack the outside of the fireplace because it allows more rain to sit on the rock and potentially get into the house. But we wanted the actual lay of the rock to look like what the dry stacked will look like in the house. And on the pillars. After about three feet the guys had it! And I love how it ended up. There were a few cases of Mexican beer bought to keep everyone happy. And the guys really worked with us to give us what we wanted. I do think they thought I was a bit crazy and were questioning my “style” but I think it worked. The one man spoke English well, and when I decided I didn’t want the mortar swept he explained it to the other man and this man just squeaked and said something fast in Spanish….. I am quite sure it was “this lady is nutty”.

It looks a bit brownish in the picture because of the color of the siding. When the siding is painted white, it will pull more of the gray out.

The rock is mostly Tennessee stone, with some Smokey mountain and Silvermist rock. (I don’t know where the Silvermist comes from). I didn’t think to ask. The Tennesse is my favorite. And of course the most expensive… we did save some money by mixing it with the lesser expensive rock. Which was important as this part of the fireplace is about 36 feet tall.

Now the painters are hard at work as well as the roofers. The outside of the house is very close to being finished.

Thanks for reading, have a great day H.


6 thoughts on “Fireplace 2

  1. You were brave to start again, but it was a good thing you were clear about what you wanted. It would be terrible to regret it later. I think it looks fantastic. I hope that our stone feature columns at the front of our house will be very similar in colour, but with a more modern style to suit our modern house. Gorgeous kids.

    • Thanks, I was so worried it wasn’t going to look right! And for the kiddo comment :). I am a bit bias but I think they are cute! Haha.

      I felt so bad making them take it the rock down. It was a whole days work for them. But we paid the extra labor, so they were only out a day in time, not money.

      Yes this whole build is really teaching me to speak up. I usually go pretty well with the flow, but as this is going to be our “forever home” I have to really stand up for what I want. I don’t want regrets. And it’s easier for everyone if we are clear about what we want. Our builders are amazing, but no one is a mind reader.

      I love the gray rock…..I didn’t think it was going to be in our budget but thankfully it worked out. I can’t wait to see yours.

  2. I love it! It looks great 🙂 I’m so glad to know you asked them re-do it…. hopefully if I run into the same issue I will be as brave as you were! Your stone looks similar to what we want – we like the multi-color look with mostly gray too 🙂 Just to clarify – your fireplace is all actual stone and not a veneer or manmade material right? We are still trying to pin our stone down but are having issues finding what we what we like in pictures. We figured we’d have to mix it, but you can’t mix manmade with real stone… or at least I think you can’t because they don’t lay the same.

    • Thanks Jennifer…..I actually didn’t feel very brave…..I felt awful….to be honest I wanted to hide under a rock instead of face the workers the next day…. But they were very great about it and we got what we love in the end.

      Yes it is all real stone. We actually went with the three different colors and two different cuts. Some chopped stone and some tumbled. I love love the tumbled but it’s more expensive. We happened to get three pallets of the Tennessee tumbled that must have been hanging around for awhile. Because they gave us a great deal on it. It took me forever to find a picture of a fireplace I loved. A friend has one and in person I loved it…..but I really didn’t like the picture of it. Even ours in person has more dimension than in the photo.

      I actually don’t know anything about the man made stone. Although I have seen it on some hgtv shows and it looks really pretty.

    • Thanks….we are so happy with it. Once the rock layers understood I didn’t want a uniform look they really went with it. The kids really enjoying watching them work.

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