Decking the roof

We have been waiting for this….the decking of the roof. A crew came in and decked everything but the front, in one day. It was pretty amazing to watch them work.


The deckers just have no fear. (Or so it seems).

Then the roofers came and put the ice and water shield on the back of the house. They worked in the wind. We ran around cleaning up all the blowing plastic from the underside of the material. I think the roofers thought we were a bit crazy….but we didn’t want all that trash in the fields and they were pretty busy up on the roof fighting the wind, and didn’t have an extra guy to pick it all up. Of course they would have cleaned it up before they left.

Today they finished decking the front of the house, they were finished before lunch. The man in the photo was walking the ridge. Not slowly either 😳.

Ahhhhh and all finished. Tomorrow the roofers will be back to ice and water shield. Now we can be excited for the rain. Instead of worrying.

Monday the windows and doors are supposed to be shipped!!!! Pretty excited to see those go in.

A pretty productive week πŸ™‚



7 thoughts on “Decking the roof

    • We were discussing yesterday how we should have put it back a bit on the property instead of up on the hill. A bit late for that tho. I was very concerned with the layout of the house and I didn’t really think much about the height. This has all been a learning experience.

      The deckers don’t wear safety harnesses?!? And they carry full sheets of plywood as they go. And never once had to re-cut a piece of ply wood. They are masters at their craft.

    • Oh I can’t wait to see more pictures. We have had a much colder winter than usual, but we are finally getting close to wind and water tight too. How often are you able to get to the site?

      • Great – I’m hoping we are finally there. I’m on site tomorrow (and generally manage once every 4 weeks at the moment). We are slightly behind but I’m hoping for ‘longer’ days once we can start the works inside!

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