Watching the build

Some days the kids can’t wait to get over to the new house….some days they beg me not to drive over. But most of the time they have enjoyed watching the house emerge before their eyes.

Little T, busy on the stairs.

Big C, his feet are on what is planned to be our fireplace mantle beam. The big kids think it’s pretty neat that this wood is so old. I told big T (Who is fascinated with history, especially Indian history) ” Indians and settlers walked by these beams when they were trees in Pennsylvania”. Such a neat concept for them to fathom. Interestingly enough our land was an indian campground at one time. But that will be another post when I have all the information. 🙂

Having breakfast at the house a few weeks ago.

Watching the framers, builders and Hubs standing around the plans, discussing things.

Hauling cut ends of beams to the truck. She insisted on doing it herself. (We are keeping all the cut pieces…..some diy to come I am sure 🙂 )

I remember my parents building our home fondly. I think these little munchkins will too enjoy the memories of building our home.


15 thoughts on “Watching the build

    • It is soooo exciting. Every stage is really neat. I am hoping our completion date is September……But the builders and my husband think Christmas. So I have that in the back of my mind.

  1. Love these photos. How far is your new house from where you currently live? Some of the photos you’ve posted in the past give the impression of it’s being in the middle of countryside but in some of today’s photos I think I can see other rooftops in the distance.
    Love the deep blue, Texan skies. They are very much like our African skies, especially in the winter months.

    • Our new house is less than a mile from our place now. The new house is on two hundred acres. There is another little one bedroom yellow farmhouse on our property, it’s my husbands parents little house when they come and visit. They live in California and don’t get here as often as we would all like. We currently live on 65 acres that has our horses and barns and riding arena. But it has really close neighbors (good neighbors but close). There is a road, a creek and twenty acres separating our two properties. (Hoping one day the 20 acres comes up for sale 🙂 ) I too love the skies. Something about that deep blue.

      • Wow. Ok. So there’s nothing suburban about it at all! It looks positively idyllic. I love the cow pictures on today’s post too. You are upsizing as I am downsizing but not from anything like as big as the home you’re building. With two children both living in London and unlikely to live at home again, even if either of them returns to this country, we felt it was time to go smaller. Sometimes I have moments of panic but overall I think it’s the best thing for us. But I am so enjoying following both your and Johanne’s building projects going in quite the other direction. I’m beginning to think I’ll have to do a world tour one day, visiting the various houses I’m watching go up!

      • I was talking to my friend the other day about how much I am enjoying Blogging and following the house projects so far away. Her comment was exactly that. “One day you are going to have to visit all these homes”. I thought that was such a great idea.

        Our little home we live in now is smaller than our big room, that is the kitchen dining and living room, in the new house. And we are all so close that from my bedroom to the kids bedroom is about 24 feet. I have had my moments of panic. Thinking how far away the kids are going to be. Or how I am going to keep it tidy. But then I think how nice it is going to be to have space for all of us.

        I am glad you enjoyed the photos of the cows. I need to take some pictures of our horses but as it is winter they are pretty hairy right now.

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