Slow as a turtle

Well it has been a bit of a slow couple of weeks…..last week we had more snow! Apparently we have had over 60 days of below freezing weather….. I have lived here almost 20 years. It’s not been a usual Texas winter.
I must say, I haven’t loved the cold weather, but the snow makes my Canadian soul happy. The smell, I forgot how good the snow smells 🙂

The kids made snow angel’s in the living room. Not something they will ever do again. Hopefully!

And we got stairs…..that was exciting. The kids were so happy to be able to use the stairs.

So it is coming along. The framers have missed so many days. Working 30 feet in the air is not very safe with cold windy wet weather. But on the days in between the cold days they got the dormers in. And they are just finishing up the rafter, and ceiling joists. On Wednesday a decking crew is supposed to come in and plywood deck all the rooftops. and then the roofers are supposed to come. Yay! Can’t wait until we don’t have to worry about the weather.
Happy weekend! H


4 thoughts on “Slow as a turtle

    • Yes the quiet of snow is so peaceful. I find it does have a smell more so if it’s wet snow. The house is coming along. It just was all going so fast then all of a sudden it just got slow. Making those dormers on that old wood was a very slow process. Because those beams aren’t all the same size there was a lot of math involved on each one.

  1. Snow and all it’s ramifications is something completely foreign to me, especially when it comes to house building. Love the photographs.

    • Thank you Africadayz. It is so fun for me to read about all the builds in all the different countries. All the unique obstacles that everyone encounters. We get snow usually once a year for maybe a day or two. So this year has been a bit challenging. We have had a lot of freezing rain too. It so far has only ruined one piece of plywood….and hopefully if we get it dried in this coming week that will be the only bit we will need to replace.

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