Trusses 2

All five trusses are up. The morning after the first three were up we got to the house and the framers were jacking up the beams. Yikes! What’s wrong? Well the beams had pushed the outside wall 5/8th of an inch. (Around 2 or 2 1/2cm). It took about an hour and they got the wall back level and extra support in place.

First off I can not explain how great our framers are. They are constantly measuring to make sure everything is square and plum. They were concerned about this very thing happening because until all the walls were up that long wall had no support, even tho it is made out of 2×6 boards. Those trusses weigh at least one thousand pounds each. So they put temporary boards up under the trusses until all the walls and roof are made. Then everything is tied in together and supported. Such important attention to detail!

Can you see a puppy in this photo? 🙂


This has the space for the fireplace.


The framers got these walls up so fast. (It’s amazing to watch). And it’s four guys doing all the work.

Next week they will start on the roof. It will be neat to see how the dormers look. It’s all so much taller looking than I could ever have imagined. That room is 29 feet wide by 50 feet long and 28 feet tall. It will be the kitchen, dining room in the middle, then living room on the side with the fireplace. It’s a huge room. But it has lots of jobs :).

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. H


2 thoughts on “Trusses 2

    • I am feeling the same way Joanne. The square footage I was prepared for, sort of. (Ha). But the ceiling height I wasn’t prepared for. I will post a picture of the little trailer house we live in. It is going to be a huge change for us. We don’t have a budget for landscaping or furniture. So I am going to have to be very creative with decorating. Fortunately the old barns on the property have some great old things that I will be repurposing.

      The fireplace was another eye opener this week. Of course we have seen the drawing of the inside elevation. But the reality of seeing the space for the floor to ceiling fireplace was a bit of an eye opener. We are going with a gray with a bit of brown chopped stone. And having it dry stacked. I will post a picture of my inspiration. It will have a beam for a mantel.

      My husband wanted a fireplace….I wanted a wood burning stove. (I am Canadian, I was raised with wood stoves for heat). So we have the fireplace in the living room a wood burning stove across from the kitchen. And a little wood burning stove in the screened in porch. (We love fires).

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