The first truss

We were a bit frustrated last week when we set all the beams out and realized that we didn’t have the sizes that we were supposed to. And that two of the beams are not structurally sound.

We actually paid for a second engineer to look at the beams in Pennsylvania , and make sure they would be structurally sound before they were shipped here. A bit frustrating, but part of the learning process.

So our bottom beams were supposed to be 8 by 12. They are 8×8….hmmmmm. The man we bought them from is not going to honor his list so we are just going to go with what we have. We might have to buy one or two more beams. (Not from the same guy). They are 20 feet in the air so they will look smaller than I had imagined, but it is still beautiful, amazing wood so crossing my fingers I will love it. With the white wood as ceiling material I think it should still be great.


This is standing on the second floor looking down. (The saw horses worked perfectly). :).
Hopefully tonight I will have a photo of it up.

The artistic part is beginning in this adventure.



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