We started framing……

Little T is standing in the doorway from the carport, that is our mudroom she is in. And the rectangle to the right is the laundry room.

And then we hit a bit of weather……….


We usually get a little bit of snow every year here. But this stayed for a week. We actually had four days of no school due to ice . The kids got to go sledding, something they had never gotten the chance to do here before . It was a fun week . Lots of breaking ice for animals, cold toes and fingers, hot chocolate and soup.

But the weather warmed back up and the guys got back to work.

The two story part….. The kids bedrooms on the right….girls upstairs…..boys downstairs.

Windows looking out from the kids bedrooms.

And how it looks right now. I can’t wait until the stairs get in so I can see that view from the upstairs windows.

On the left is mudroom, laundry room, pantry, stairwell, bathroom and boys bathrooms.
Our master is on the right…..and the great room now has one wall. (The rather large 16 footer that connects the two sections). The house is now starting to look very big . Bigger than I imagined. :). It is one thing to see a 16 foot wall on a drawing….it is a whole other experience to see it standing in front of you. But it is very exciting….I can’t believe this is going to be our home!

Merry Almost Christmas….. :). H


2 thoughts on “Framing

    • Hahaha! I know. I kept trying to get a feel of size from houses I was in. Looking at a drawing is just not the same as seeing. But with the tall walls in the great room it feels really big right now. But I think when all the other walls are framed in it might not look so massive.

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