Home styles and Ideas I love

Here are some home photos that I have been collecting over the last year. My brain is getting a bit fuzzy with all the decisions that are being made here on a daily basis. So I started an album with all my favorite ideas, on my ipad. That way in the meetings I can show photos of what I like so everyone can see what my vision is. Most of the photos come from Houzz or Pinterest or Country Living Magazine.

I love the colors in this kitchen. We are going to have concrete counter tops. And white or off white distressed cabinets, with open shelving.

Our open shelves are going to be wood like these. I love this entire home. It was featured in Country Living Magazine and it is amazing.

Chances are our mud room will begin life like this. The finish work on the house will be slow going. But I will be very happy with a plank with hooks, and some baskets or bins for shoes. Having a room that is just for outerwear, shoes and sports equipment is exciting to me. (An extra fridge will go in the mud room too.)

I found this picture in an old 2011 copy of Country living Mag. (so thankful I have saved these for so long) We are going to put these sinks in the kids bathrooms. They will have no cabinets under them. Just free standing with shelves on the side. I think they will be great for the boys bathroom. The girls are my concern, when they get older and need the space for makeup and blowdryers. This picture is of the four foot sink. I think we are going to go with the three foot size. To save some money and to give another foot of space for storage? Still not sure.

So many great products out there, narrowing it down is quite the job. 🙂
Happy weekend everyone. Thanks for reading



3 thoughts on “Home styles and Ideas I love

  1. They are a lovely collection of pictures. I love the open shelves too. Your overall theme is great. I am sticking up for the girls – it is nice to have a place to hide away bathroom supplies, and I don’t mean makeup! A cute box will do though, if you don’t want cupboards.

    • Thanks Johanne, I have had a hard time saying what my style is. So showing these pictures (firstly to my husband) to everyone involved has helped a lot. I agree with the girls bathroom, because girls have more to put away. The sink is actually in its own little room and the toilet and bath are next to it. We were trying to figure it out the best way to do it, because when someone is having a shower and someone is doing makeup (that will be a few years off yet). Then everyone has some privacy. So the girls “girly stuff” will be in the other little room. Which also has no cabinets! I think the girls are to be doomed to a cute little box. I can put a cabinet above the toilet to put cleaning supplies, and other stuff in too. A small one so it doesn’t close the room up too much. :). Thanks for your input. It helps me to think all this through.

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